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  • Image of Peony pairings
  • Image of Peony pairings

Peony pairings

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Aren't peonies just the best ever?

When I was little my mom loved big lush blooms with tons of petals and tons of color. My favorites were the simple line daisies, very straightforward and minimalist.

But now... I get it. I understand that rush of joy when a giant flower head balances atop a single stem. The intake of breath seeing petals that curl inward and line up next to dozens of their petal partners all awaiting that perfect moment to unfurl together.
It makes believe that if there is reincarnation then bees are at the top of the ladder. Only a beautiful soul would be allowed to live a life flitting from one of these blooms to the next.
This shadowbox is handcut from one of my drawings, the backing photo is a macro shot of a perfectly pink peony.
The frame is approx 6x8" overall and can hang or sit on a table top.
Shipping will commence withing 3-5 business days of payment clearing.