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Image of National Parks Bear Shadow Box Image of Lighthouses and Pine Barrens Image of Wishy Cat Image of National Parks Bison on the range
  • Image of Sasquatch!
  • Image of Sasquatch!



A hand cut silhouette of Big Foot revealing his hidden treehouse. Now you see them, now you don't!
This collection is a growing series of myths, urban legends and whispered campfire stories.

These shadow boxes are cut with high quality archival artist papers, the backdrop photos are from vintage books depicting the National Parks in the United States.

The shadow boxes are approximately 5x7 – 6x8” rectangles, they come equipped with hanging and table top stand hardware.
All images are drawn and hand cut by the artist, any sharing or posting of images must give credit and link to the artist.

About the process: All of my work is handcut from original drawings, the photos behind each piece are unique to that piece and will change from frame to frame.

PLEASE READ** Due to the high volume of vending and online sales this time of year your piece may have a different backdrop photo than the one pictured. Each photo is thoughtfully selected for the papercut image and will be chosen especially for your order.**